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Getting a cheap flight from Islamabad to Antalya gives you the opportunity to create some unique experiences. Although you won't go over your budget owing to cheap flights, that does not mean you should compromise the quality of your trip experience. offers a range of flights that fit your schedule and are cost effective.

Islamabad to Antalya

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan and is also known as the capital city. People love to travel from Islamabad to Antalya for tourism purposes. The Margalla Hills National Park and the Shakarparian are only two of the parks and forests found in Islamabad. Numerous famous buildings may be found there, including the fifth-largest mosque in the world and the Faisal Mosque, which serves as the nation's symbol.

Due to its ancient history dating back to 200 BC, Antalya is a well-liked tourism destination among Pakistanis. The area has experienced many cities and civilizations over the years, including the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, and is close to the Taurus Mountains. It is also well-known for its unique tourist attractions, including the Greek Amphitheatre, Kleopatra Beach, Temple of Apollo, Kaputas Beach, and Belek Town Mosque. There are several transit options between Antalya and Islamabad.

Around 5,512 kilometers separate Antalya from Islamabad via road. The Pakistani government has made investments to provide a reliable air transportation network for its citizens. Islamabad International Airport in Islamabad serves as the departure point for flights to Antalya. An international airport in Antalya serves as the destination for all inbound flights from Pakistan (AYT). Well, before visiting Turkey, you should be aware of the transportation options. It takes 9 hours of flight time to travel from Islamabad to Antalya.

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Islamabad to Antalya flight ticket

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The cost of airline tickets from Islamabad to Antalya can change. Only if you purchase your tickets on 5–6 weeks before your trip will the beginning price be made available. You will be required to pay more than usual for the same day. Whenever you choose during the day, you can check the current airfare prices.

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Islamabad to Antalya flight schedule

The Islamabad to Antalya flight schedule can be viewed at any time of day using the e-ticketing service Due to its constant updating and lack of login requirements, it is the ideal option for quick flight tickets. Users must pay more than usual when purchasing emergency tickets, though.

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Airlines that travel from Islamabad to Antalya

On, you may filter flights depending on a certain airline. The following are a few of the top airlines that fly passengers from Islamabad to Antalya. There are presently only a few departures from Islamabad to Antalya offered by Etihad. The route of Qatar Airways' flights to Antalya includes layover locations. Flights from Etihad to Antalya may cost more than flights from other airlines.

Interesting facts about Antalya

The Turkish vacation destination Antalya is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and golden, sun-drenched beaches. It is the biggest city on Turkey's western Mediterranean coast and is located on the Gulf of Antalya. A comprehensive museum, the Antalya Museum features exhibits from the Stone and Bronze Ages to Byzantium. The Hall of Gods features stunning statues of 15 Olympian gods, while the Hall of Regional Excavations showcases artifacts from ancient cities. You can view gold coins and other items upstairs.

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Travel Restrictions

Upon arrival in Antalya, passengers from Pakistan must present a COVID-negative certificate. In accordance with your arrival in Turkey, the COVID medical certificate should not be older than 48 hours. You must also download the COVID-19 application and fill it out with the necessary data. It is required to wear a mask when traveling from Islamabad to Antalya.