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Gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, a city situated in Queensland. Famous for its delightful restaurants and swimming lagoon, people flock every year from the four corners of the world to witness the captivating beauty of Cairns.

Hundreds of cheap flights from Karachi to Cairns are booked daily, manifesting that the people of Pakistan are no strangers to the beauty of Cairns. Multiple International Airlines are offering their services through for the same purpose.

Karachi being the center of Pakistan’s airspace, and is a star attraction. People all over the country intending to travel to Cairns use Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport. As all the top rated airlines that operate in the Gulf and South East Asia are easily accessible in Karachi through


Looking at the air distance, we can see that the aerial distance between Karachi to Cairns is 6032 miles. Cairns is situated on the bank of the Pacific Ocean opposite to Papua New Guinea. On the other hand, Karachi is situated on the shore of the Arabian Sea, a part of the Indian Ocean. To travel from Karachi to Cairns, we have to cross the Indian Ocean and then have to land in the Pacific. Therefore, it is necessary that before booking our cheap flights from Karachi to Cairns, prior knowledge of the travel is essential. And this information is available at Having been in air travel for more than 20 years, we know what our customers are looking for. Therefore, today we will look at some of the points you are interested in before booking your Karachi to Cairns flights. So let’s start:

Karachi to Cairns Flights:

When it comes to the Karachi to Cairns flights, there are two things that we should understand. First is the air distance between the two cities. As the distance between Karachi to Cairns is 6032 miles which means it would take about 18 hours and 35 minutes to reach our destination.

In such scenarios, it is not easy to find a nonstop flight. The most frequently used option that we can have is two-stops. The flight would stop at two different destinations before reaching Cairns. For instance, let us take the example of Qatar Airways. We have booked a two-stop flight through The airplane would first take off from Karachi and then would make a stop at Doha. Then from Doha, Qatar, the flight would take a stop at Melbourne, Australia, and from there to Cairns. This would take at least more than 28 hours.

Similarly, if we look at another airline like Etihad Airways, we have a similar case. The flight would be a two-stop. First, it would take off from Karachi and would land in Dubai. Then from Dubai to Sydney and then finally from Sydney to Cairns. Thus, taking more than 24 hours to travel from Karachi to Cairns.

Karachi to Cairns: Flight Schedule:

Getting cheap flights from Karachi to Cairns, the role of is significant. On average, there are more than three flights scheduled daily. It gives you essential information regarding the flight schedule. With the vast range of options like one-way tickets and round trips, it gives you a way to book your flight as early as possible. Moreover, the timings for various Karachi to Cairns flights are very flexible as like the choice of airlines. You can have a flight any day at a time that you want. The departure times are mentioned on Based on the ease of access, you can select a suitable time for yourself. As on, the time taken for each stop by every airline, and the stop destinations are also very visible. Thus, it gives a greater variety to the customers to book their flights as per their choice. However, seasonal variations are also there to be taken note of. The weather at Cairns is pleasant from July to August and ideal for activities like swimming. Due to this, an increase in demands occurs. Therefore, advises you to pre-book your flights so as to avoid any increase in Karachi to Cairns ticket price.

Karachi to Cairns: Available airlines:

Cheap flights from Karachi to Cairns are directly affected by the airlines. They are pivotal in setting Karachi to Cairns flight fare. Through, you have the ease of access to book your flights and to fly with some of the best airlines around the world. These include;

  • Qatar Airways: With enormous flight operations, Qatar Airways is a top rated airline. On an average more than two flights are available daily from Karachi to Cairns. The comfort of traveling and high-quality services offered, Qatar Airways is easily accessible at

  • Etihad Airways: Etihad Airways is a brand known for its professionalism and safe travels. Flight operations are active at the Karachi to Cairns route.

  • ● With, you can book a discounted ticket of Etihad Airways with the least number of stops available.

  • Air Lanka: Operational in 61 countries with 126 destinations, Air Lanka is a flag carrier of Sri Lanka. Serving since 1979, it is an award-winning airline. With comfortable travel and the shortest travel route, Air Lanka is fully accessible at It gives the same options as being provided by all the other top airlines.

Karachi to Cairns flight fare:

If you are looking for cheap flights from Karachi to Cairns, the ticket price is an essential thing. There can be multiple factors that affect the Karachi to Cairns flight fare. As we discussed above, the stops taken by a flight are the key components. More are the stops, the lesser the price. In addition, the earlier the booking, the less the fluctuation in the ticket price. Moreover, the class used for traveling, and the airline used are the deciding components for Karachi to Cairns ticket price.

Furthermore, the choice between a one-way ticket and a round trip is also a factor. Generally round trips are cheaper as compared to one way tickets. Thus, these all are the factors that account for the price of the tickets. But with we are here to provide and to ensure that you get flights from Karachi to Cairns.


The average flight time from Karachi to Cairns is more than 18 hours.

No, Australia is completely open to the world.

Yes, but it would be subjected to deductions as per policy.

From July to August, it is high time to visit Cairns.

Yes, allows you to advance your flights by using a mobile app or website.

Yes, you can book group tickets, domestic and international tickets on