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Lahore to Male

Lahore, the city of lights and architecture has a history in itself. Lahore is famous for its historical places and food streets. Every year millions of tourists visit Lahore, Pakistan and capture the beautiful scenery. Lahore is the scenery of its province, Punjab. It represents its culture and traditions. Not only food but the whole attire of the citizens attracts foreign tourists. Lahore also has some top-rated universities and colleges that bring most Pakistanis to visit and stay in Lahore. People who belong to Lahore love to travel around the world. Every month hundreds of cheap flights fly from Lahore to Male.

The beauty of Maldives automatically attracts tourists around the world to itself. The capital of Maldives, Male is a beautiful travel destination for tourists. Male is also visited by Pakistanis for other reasons, such as business, employment, or education. Hulhumale, Artificial Beach, Hukuru Miskiy, Sinamale Bridge, National Gallery of Modern Art, and Tsunami Building are a few of Male's most popular tourist destinations. Pakistanis travel to the Maldives for reasons other than tourism, such as business, employment, or education.

Lahore to Male flights

Male is the capital of the Maldives, an island nation beneath the Indian subcontinent. Male is surrounded by water from all sides. You cannot travel to Maldives by road. Taking an aircraft is the only way to get from Lahore to Male. will provide you a comfortable flight from Lahore to Male. For Allama Iqbal International Airport you will take your flight to Maldives and you will eventually arrive at the Male International Airport (MLE) if you take a flight from Lahore to Male. This is a well-traveled route, and flights depart at regular intervals throughout the day. Popular online ticket seller displays the most affordable prices for flights from Lahore to Male.

The Lahore to Male flight route has at least one stop and takes at least 7 hours and 50 minutes. Lahore and Male are separated by about 1865 miles, so bring some entertainment to pass the time. It will be perfect if you can complete that compelling book. Dubai is the most popular layover between Lahore and Male.

Lahore to Male flight ticket rate

You may purchase flight tickets from Lahore to Male through at original prices without paying a charge. The cost of the flight from Lahore to Male can be compared at no additional cost. The cost of a flight from Lahore to Male can change, and a set price is not a guarantee. offers pre-booked tickets at a lower beginning price than any other online ticketing service for flights from Lahore to Male. You will pay more if you reserve a business or premium economy seat on the same aircraft. On any of the other platforms, you would not find lower prices for the same seats.

Lahore to Male cheap flights

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According to the date and time of your booking, airlines change the cost of flights from Lahore to Male. You can find cheap flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

On average, 40 days prior to departure is when you can get the best airline deals from Lahore to Male. To enjoy a lower price, make your reservation at least four weeks before your trip and the months of November, December, and January are regarded as high season whereas February is the cheapest month to travel. An early morning flight is about 23% less expensive than an evening one.

Lahore to Male flight schedule

Travelers can use's flexible scheduling to book flights from Lahore to Male at any time of day. You may easily check the Lahore to Male flight schedule for the following days and reserve flight tickets online. On the website, you can perform a search for "Lahore to Male flight today." If you need to check in quickly, make sure you have enough time at the boarding airport.

The best deals on flights are typically found by booking between one and three months in advance. It may be necessary to book flights even earlier if they are international or during a holiday.

Flight reschedule fee

You can reschedule your flight with many airlines without paying a change fee. You only need to pay the difference between the old flight and the new one. You can choose the "no change fees" filter while looking for flights from LHE to Male International Airport.

Top Airlines that fly from Lahore to Male

All major airlines' flights have been compared by There are no extra costs; the price you see is the price you pay. We have located the most affordable airfares, including on international airlines like Emirates and British Airways. On, you may purchase tickets for flights from Lahore to Male with other airlines including Emirates, Oman Air, and Gulf Air. Some Qatari planes cover that distance in about 11 hours. The Lahore to Maldives air route is not currently covered by Turkish Airlines.

Airports in Lahore and Male

The two main commercial airports in Lahore and Male are Ibrahim Nasir - Male (MLE) and Lahore Allama Iqbal International (LHE). If your route passes through a city with several airports, using a different airport could result in significant savings.

Male is a beautiful city to travel explore, we have pointed out few tourist attractions that you must not miss once you travel from Lahore to Male

Tourist attractions in Male

Hukuru Miskiiy:

Visit the oldest and most historic structure in Male, Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque). This 1658 structure is on the tentative UNESCO cultural list due to its distinctive architecture. This stunning place of worship features magnificent and elaborately carved wooden panels with fine lacquer work and was constructed from coral and wood.

Artificial Beach

On the east side of the island, there is a crescent-shaped beach called Artificial Beach. The ground that was dredged up from the sea was used to build the artificial beach. Swim in the clear water and then have a sunbath on the fine white sand to enjoy some time with your family or friends.

Tour to submarine

A 45-minute tour of the submarine is one of the top things to do in Male. The submarine will take you on a thrilling journey 100 feet below the surface. Take a stroll through Rasrani Bageecha; this beautiful, green park is a wonderful area for a tranquil stroll thanks to its big, shady trees and lily ponds.

Historical sites

The Tsunami Monument is a beautiful monument that serves as a reminder to visitors of the 2004 natural tragedy. The magnificent architecture of the Grand Friday Mosque, which is made of flawless white marble and regal gold domes, is well renowned. Quran engravings on the walls of the National Museum provide information on the history of the nation during the Buddhist and Islamic eras.

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