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With a population of more than 14 million, Karachi is not only the largest city of Pakistan but is also the hub of its political and economic activities. Every day hundreds of flights are scheduled from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport to local cities and international air routes. And to meet this demand, a number of International Airlines are present to offer their services.

Pakistan International Airline (PIA), is one of the notable among these many, operating efficiently at the moment. It takes passengers not only to foreign countries but also is a source of convenient and comfortable domestic traveling as well. PIA ticket price Karachi to Islamabad is one of the things that we often have in our mind if we are traveling from Karachi to Islamabad or even to cities like Peshawar or to the Northern Areas as well.

In fact, the route from Karachi to Islamabad is considered to be one of the busiest routes in the Pakistani air space. Every day a dozen flights from Karachi to Islamabad. And many of the people who use this source of traveling are often convoluted and anxious when it comes to the booking of flights, and the prices of the tickets available. But with, let us take care of all of your worries. Because we would not only book the flight for you but also would ensure that you get the cheapest PIA ticket price Karachi to Islamabad. How? Well, let’s have a look:


Ticket price and schedule of the flights are the two things that come to our mind when we think of our flight from karachi to islamabad. here, the first thing we should know is that if we travel through pia, then we would have a greater advantage in terms of availability and scheduling. on an average pia offers four to five flights on a daily basis as you can see on most of these flights are non-stop and take about 1 hour and 55 minutes to reach islamabad. as the aerial distance between karachi and islamabad is about 710 miles only.

Karachi to Islamabad through PIA:

One can ask why we need PIA to fly from Karachi to Islamabad. Or why should we bother about PIA ticket price Karachi to Islamabad especially when there are many other options available on

Well, we can simply say that flying by PIA from Karachi to Islamabad is a worthy experience. But is it enough? Of course, No.

PIA itself is a brand when it comes to commercial air traveling. Not only because of the quality and prices they offer are good but also the services they provide; worth the appreciation. In addition, being the country's national airline, PIA gives an emotional sense of belonging as well if you are a Pakistani national.

Apart from this, if we look from the statistical point of view, PIA offers diversity and versatility at the same time. They have a wide range of air transport machines available from Boeings to Airbuses and many others. Moreover, PIA is one of the largest commercial flight operators in the country.

And if we sum all these things, we can definitely say that PIA is the best option if you are flying from Karachi to Islamabad.

Booking Schedule: Karachi to Islamabad:

As we discussed above, people are often concerned about the flight schedules. As mostly, they have meetings to join and conferences to attend and others have a tour group to catch up with. As Islamabad is not only the capital of Pakistan but for many tourists it serves as a meet up point for many groups as well, if you are heading towards Northern Areas or Murree. But with, this whole exercise can become as easy as one can think of.

Now coming back to our topic here; booking schedule from Karachi to Islamabad. In the case of PIA, as we mentioned above, there are four to five flights available, on a daily basis. Therefore, it gives us a diverse option to choose the time that fits best with our schedules: we can choose the morning time, mid-day or evening as well. Moreover, if we visit, we see that the PIA ticket price Karachi to Islamabad more or less remains the same regardless of the time you choose to travel.

So the next question that comes to mind is about the ticket price. What is the PIA ticket price Karachi to Islamabad?

Karachi to Islamabad Flights Ticket Price PIA:

Karachi to Islamabad flights ticket price PIA also depends on a number of factors:

    1. Type of the Seating Class: There are two types of seating packages generally available in terms of class category; Business class and Economy class. There is a noticeable difference available in the prices of the tickets based on the services they offer and the comfort they provide. Moreover, if you are traveling from Karachi to Islamabad PIA, and want to book your flight through then we would provide you the option to book either of these as per ease and choice as being required by you. But of course, it is subjected to the finances you have and the availability being offered from the airline.

    2. Hike in the fuel prices: Another important thing regarding the travel from Karachi to Islamabad flights ticket price PIA is the rate of the fuel prices. Many of us in recent times have noticed that the fares fluctuate on a daily basis. The core reason behind this fluctuation is the hike in the fuel prices. As the fuel prices have increased so are the fares of the airlines.

    3. Holiday Season: The third major reason that affects PIA fare Karachi to Islamabad is the vacations. As during seasonal holidays or during the festivals, there is a big rush of people heading back to their homes from Karachi. And in some cases, there are international passengers who use Karachi as a stop to catch up on the flights not available directly to Islamabad. As a result, an increase in the demand for seats takes place. Ultimately resulting in an increase in PIA fare Karachi to Islamabad.

    But with you don’t have to worry at all. By the ease of one click you can easily book your flight in advance and can easily save yourself from all of these troubles.


    1. How many flights fly from Karachi to Islamabad on a weekly basis?

    On an average, more than 80 flights per week.

    2. Does the flight take any stop before reaching Islamabad?

    1/10 takes a stop before reaching Islamabad.

    3. Can we change our name on the ticket after it is booked?

    Few airlines may allow it but PIA does not.

    4. Can we refund our ticket?

    Yes, but it would be subjected to deduction.

    5. What documents are required on the domestic flight?

    Ticket of the airline and ID card.

    6. Can we change the date of the flight?

    Yes, but it would have additional charges.

    7. Do I need to have my Covid vaccination with me?

    Not necessary but better if you have it.