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If you are travelling from Karachi to Faisalabad by air, it takes only 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach. Also, the ticket prices of Karachi to Faisalabad flights are extremely low and affordable, please visit Travel to explore special deals

Karachi to Faisalabad Flight Details

At present PIA is operating 5 weekly direct flights from Karachi to Faisalabad.

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Karachi to Faisalabad Airports

Despite Karachi being one of the largest cities of Pakistan with many businesses being operated here, the city only consists of a single airport that is operational for both domestic and international flights. All the fights are managed at the Karachi Jinnah International. Whereas, the textile hub of Pakistan, Faisalabad, also consists of only one airport known as Faisalabad International Airport.

Things to do After Landing in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is known for the textile industry of Pakistan, and it is also called Manchester of Pakistan. It is recognized as the centre of the textile industry of Pakistan. It contributes to the total textile shipments of Pakistan.

Your trip to Faisalabad could be due to several reasons ranging from a personal journey to a business one. Irrespective of the reason for your trip to Faisalabad, here’s a list of top places in Faisalabad that should help you keep yourself entertained throughout the trip.

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The fastest way to reach Faisalabad from Karachi is to travel by air. The cost of traveling by air is PKR 8000 to 15000 depending on the date of travel and seasonality.

It takes an average of 1 hour and 50 minutes if you travel by air. The total distance from Karachi to Faisalabad is 941 km.

If you wish to spend your leisure time, you can visit the famous Lyallpur Museum, Gatwala Forest Park, and Ghanta Ghar to explore the true essence of Faisalabad.

As compared to Karachi’s scorching heat throughout the year, Faisalabad has pleasant weather in the autumn and winters. However, the mid-year months are extremely hot in Faisalabad as opposed to Karachi.

Yes, properly packed food items are allowed on every airline that is operational from your destination of Karachi to Faisalabad.