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Lahore is a historical and cultural centre of Pakistan. The city is not only one of the wealthiest in Pakistan but is also a cosmopolitan and progressive city. Lahore has always been a centre of importance throughout the subcontinent’s history. From serving as the capital city under the Mughal Empire to having numerous significant landmarks and sites being built in the city, Lahore is truly a grand city. The city’s splendour can be seen in major attractions such as the famous Badshahi Mosque or the Walled City. These places give you a taste of the city’s deep-rooted history and cultural significance in the country. With the rise of the film and music industry scene in Lahore, you can also enjoy a variety of literary and performing arts events and festivals.

Jeddah is the gateway to the holiest city in Islam i.e. Makkah. You can easily travel to Makkah from Jeddah. Also, this highly innovative and commercially significant city hosts a large population. Moreover, by lying close to the Red Sea, Jeddah has earned the nickname “The Mermaid of Red Sea” and this port city has long been considered cultural capital. Also, due to the city’s proximity to the sea, the food culture is rather different as seafood is commonly enjoyed. With majestic mosques, diverse food culture, and a burgeoning art scene, Jeddah is a city meant to be explored. Experience the unique character of this city in its neighbourhoods, mosques, and growing art scene.

Lahore to Jeddah

The aerial distance between Lahore and Jeddah is over 3,500 kilometres and this distance can be covered in no time when you are travelling by air. Now, your reason for travelling from Lahore to Jeddah is that you are either looking for a getaway from your monotonous schedule, you want to visit Makkah but make a stop at Jeddah before doing that or your work could be calling you.

Whatever the reason may be, your journey from Lahore to Jeddah must be a smooth and safe one. This is why you must be very careful about who you choose as your travel partner. This is where comes in. As a travel management group, our job is to provide you with the best services for your travel needs. With a diversified online system, you will get a chance to book your tickets and hotels with great flexibility and choices. So, you know where to come when you decide on your Lahore to Jeddah trip. 

Lahore to Jeddah Flight Schedule

Before you plan on purchasing your ticket, it is a good idea if you check out the Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule. This way you can easily plan your trip ahead of time and make sure you have everything you need. By opting for you can do this more easily. Just head over to our website and search for Cheap flights from Lahore to Jeddah then you will be able to check out different options. Searching this will also help you see more details about the flight so that you can decide what suits best for you.

PIA Flights Lahore to Jeddah offers you to choose from over 500 airlines in the world. This means that you will have an amazing variety of options to choose from not just with Pakistan but even with international airlines. One example is PIA. Pakistan International Airlines is the National airline of Pakistan and it has made a name for itself. PIA flies to over 50 destinations in the world and one of them being Jeddah. PIA flights from Lahore to Jeddah are being offered by This means that you can stay local now even when you are travelling internationally by opting for PIA for your Lahore to Jeddah travels. So, if you are looking for great amenities during your flight and friendly staff then PIA is the way to go!

Saudi Airline Flight Schedule Lahore to Jeddah

Another great option that you can try for your Lahore to Jeddah trip is the Saudi Airline. Travelling with Saudi Airlines means great in-flight entertainment, amazing Arabian food, and very friendly staff. All these things sound like the perfect blend for a quality flight. Well, before you book your ticket just make sure to head over to to see the Saudi Airline flight schedule for Lahore to Jeddah. This way, it’ll be much more convenient for you to book your ticket in advance and save some money while doing so.

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Once in Jeddah

Now, you have finally landed in Jeddah and the possibilities are endless! We are sure the first day you would want to relax and settle into your hotel room. However, after that is when the real fun begins! There is a ton of stuff to do in Jeddah. You can start by going to the Al Rahmah Mosque which is a beautiful masjid that looks like it is floating on the sea because of its construction. You can also visit the Gate of Makkah which is a historic gate that works as an entrance to Makkah. For experiencing the growing, vibrant art scene of the city, there are numerous galleries that you can visit to enjoy art pieces from all over the region. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring Jeddah because once you start there are dozens of landmarks you can visit and activities you can try. So, take the first step for your Lahore to Jeddah travel plan by heading over to to find out all the details you need!


The flight from Lahore to Jeddah takes a little over five hours. However, connecting flights can take longer than that t.i.e. around 8 hours.

Yes, you can now travel to Jeddah as long as you are fully vaccinated.

Yes, you can as Makkah is situated very near to Jeddah. You can drive from Jeddah to Makkah in around 1 hour.

Visiting Jeddah from November to March would be ideal as the weather conditions are ideal.

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