Cheap Flights from Lahore to Quetta | LHE to UET

If you are a travel-loving tourist, means of transportation wouldn’t matter much to you. Those who rarely travel once in a blue moon should prefer traveling by air within and outside the country. For this reason, air travel is considered the fastest and convenient way of traveling.

Different Ways to Travel from Lahore to Quetta

Although traveling from Lahore to Quetta and vice versa is possible with the help of several means of transportation, air travel is undoubtedly the best option.

Top Domestic Airlines of Pakistan from Lahore to Quetta

Lahore to Quetta Flight Details

If you plan to fly from Lahore to Quetta shortly, these flight details might help you. If you are looking for the cheapest Lahore to Quetta flight ticket price, then booking in advance is the best way to avail of cheap flights. To find out more about the cheapest flight from Lahore to Quetta, you need to visit

On average, a flight from Lahore to Quetta runs six times a week. The earliest flight of Lahore to Quetta departures at 9:25 am, and the last flight departures at 4:25 pm. However, sometimes flights get delayed, so it would be great if you check all the latest updates of your flight frequently on

When looking for Lahore to Quetta cheap flights, the cheapest direct flight ticket price from Lahore to Quetta Ranges between PKR8000 to PKR 16000. To get accurate pricing for your desired flight date, you need to visit

Lahore to Quetta


Traveling from Lahore to Quetta, the tourist spots relevant to you will be the spots available in Quetta. However, if you wish to spend your free time before your flight, here’s a list of some of the most iconic tourist spots in Lahore:

  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Fort Road Food Street


Before leaving for your trip from Lahore to Quetta, you can blow off some steam by choosing to spend your time in the following tourist spots:

  • Hannah Lake
  • Pishin Valley
  • Quaid Residency

How to Find Cheap Flights?

Sometimes you are so excited about planning a trip, but the harsh reality is the expensive airfares. Whenever their traveling budget is going out, people often prefer to cancel the trip. Due to COVID-19, we have seen a downfall in the airfares. Don’t worry, has made it easy for you. Simply visit and explore amazing and cheapest offers.

Accommodation in Quetta

  • Quetta Serena Hotel
  • Bloom Star Hotel
  • Reliance Hotel Quetta


It takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes to land in Quetta to Lahore.

There is only one airport in Quetta, Quetta International Airport.