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Domestic airlines that are serving in Pakistan:

Below is the list of top domestic airlines of Pakistan:

Multan to Islamabad flight details:

If you are planning to travel from Multan to Islamabad (MUL to ISB) then best option is of all the Multan to Islamabad flight (MUL to ISB) details. These flight details might help you in the booking of your flights according to your desired dates. In Multan, there is only one airport, Multan International airport.

The aerial distance of Islamabad from Multan is about 421 km. There is only one airline that is offering a direct flight from Multan to Islamabad is Pakistan International Airline (PIA)

The fastest time that a direct flight takes to reach Multan to Islamabad is about 1 hour and 25 minutes. Around 2 flights fly from Multan to Islamabad every week. The first flight of Multan to Islamabad usually departs at 12:15 am* and the last flight departs at 7:00 pm*. The average Multan to Islamabad air ticket price is between Rs. 8000 to 12000.

To find out more about the most affordable ticket prices for your trip from Multan to Islamabad, you can always visit Pakistan International Airline (PIA)

Traveling From Multan to Islamabad

Islamabad - The Capital City

Islamabad is renowned for its beauty. Considering it has a secure place in the list of the top 100 beautiful cities in the world, it is a place that needs to be witnessed to acknowledge its beauty. The picturesque mountains, the numerous trails and hikes that can be performed in the city can make your trip worthwhile. Let’s go over some of the most famous and defining tourist spots of the city.

What to do after landing in Islamabad (ISB)?

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and it is the ninth largest country of Pakistan. From a population aspect, it is the third-largest city in Pakistan. The name of the city derives from two words Islam and Abad. The old name of Islamabad is Ramkund. It is considered the city of Islam. Islamabad is one of the well-maintained, modern, and well-organized international cities of Pakistan. Islamabad is famous for its high standard of living, lush greenery, and safety.

Calm, quiet, and clean these adjectives represent the beauty of Islamabad. Islamabad is a must-go-to city. If you ever plan to visit Islamabad, here are some top and best places of Islamabad that one should visit.

  • Faisal Mosque
  • Margala Hills
  • Lake View Park
  • Monal Restaurant


The fastest way to get from Multan to Islamabad (MUX to ISB) is to fly. It takes a max of 2 hours and 5 minutes to reach..

The average time of the direct flight from Multan to Islamabad is 1 hour and 25 minutes.

The most popular airline that frequently flies from Multan to Islamabad is Pakistan International Airline (PIA).

There is only one airport near Islamabad named Islamabad International Airport.

You can get the lowest ticket on weekdays.

Yes, by following the COVID-19 travel guidelines passengers are allowed to travel. Before traveling read the guidelines from