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Located in upper Kaghan Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Naran is the hottest tourist destination for summer holidays for both local travelers and international tourists. The popularity of this town has significantly risen in the past few years as tourism has started to thrive in Pakistan. A big factor in Narans quick rise to popularity among travelers is its pleasant weather and breathtaking views.

The town has a lot of attractions to offer to travelers looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. A must-visit site when in Naran is Lake Saif-ul-malook. This greenland under the open sky provides a mesmerizing view of the snowy mountains. The view will leave you breathless as it feels like something out of a movie.

This mountainous lake is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan as it is elevated 10,578 feet above sea level! Legend says that the Egyptian Prince Saiful Malook fell in love with Princess Badri-Jamala, a fairy princess, at this lake.

When in Naran then visiting Babusar Top is a must as well. Elevated 13,691 feet above sea level, this mountain pass is the highest point in Babusar Valley. With thick forests and high slopes, Babusar Top will give you a sight worth seeing. Babusar Top was called Babur Top originally as it is said that in the early 16th century the Mughal emperor Babur used to pass through this area.

You can also visit Lulusar Lake when you are in Naran. Lulusar Lake flows through the entire length of the Kaghan Valley. The lake is surrounded by snow capped mountains which are reflected on the water and it is said to be one of the most tranquil spots in the valley. Just thinking about it makes it sound like a hypnotizing painting.

Best Naran Hotels to Stay in

When planning a trip to the mountains, we always wonder how our accommodation will work out. Well, now you dont need to fuss over this because weve got you covered. Whether you want to know about Economical best hotels in town or hotel bookings, We are your guide. Your stay at the best hotels in Naran will allow you to experience quality services and amenities and that too in the scenic beauty of the town itself. Check out this list of Naran hotels to find the best fit for you.

Hotel One Naran

A classic hotel in Naran, Hotel One Naran offers quality services and amenities. With its ideal location, you can visit famous nearby sites such as Babusar Top, Lalazar Valley, Saif-ul-Malook Lake among other places. We know that WiFi can be a big problem in mountainous areas but no need to worry about that. At Hotel One Naran you can enjoy free WiFi in your comfortably designed rooms. Here, you can get executive rooms as well as deluxe rooms which offer you a great view of the valley. You already know who your go-to travel partner is. Yes, you guessed it right. Its as we are offering some of the best deals in the market so get booking now!

Pine Park Hotel and Resorts

The Pink Park Hotel and Resorts in Naran offer many amenities including a restaurant on the property as well as a great garden where you can sit, walk around, and relax with your family and friends. You can enjoy a continental breakfast as well as free WiFi throughout the property as well. This is one of the best Naran Kaghan hotels and it is budget-friendly as well. The rooms offer a beautiful and welcoming interior so that you can feel relaxed and at home. Book a hotel or guest house through Travelustaads online portal or via a call now and enjoy the mesmerizing scenic views of Naran Kaghan!

Centurion Hotel Naran

The Centurion Hotel is located in Naran and features a restaurant and a garden along with a 24-hour front desk service. From here you can also easily commute to different restaurants and attractions such as the Ansoo Lake, Lalazar, Saif-ul-Malook Lake. This is an ideal location for sightseeing, dining, recreation, and getting around. You can also get free breakfast, WiFi, and parking at the Centurion Hotel. One of the well-known Naran hotels, Centurions great service, and friendly staff will make you feel at ease. Find the best deals and packages at TravelUstaad,com so that you can stop worrying about your accommodation and just fantasize about the beautifully chilly weather of Naran Kaghan!

Imperial Hotel Naran

Located in the main Naran Bazar, the well-furnished rooms in this hotel are equipped with nice amenities and the friendly staff provides great service. The hotel features a restaurant and a garden and also provides guests with a terrace so that they can take in the view and enjoy its beauty. You can get a deluxe or standard room as per your requirements. Still cant figure out which hotel or resort is the perfect fit for you? No need to fuss over it and let Travelustaad handle that for you. By booking your hotel through you will not only find the best deals but also discover a ton of other amazing options!

Manila Huts

Ideally located in one of the towns most popular locales, Manila Huts offers you the chance to experience most of what the lively town has to offer. The convenient location will enable you to visit the must-see attractions that Naran has to offer. One of the nicest Naran Kaghan hotels, Manila Huts offers high-quality room facilities and service. Here, you can enjoy free WiFi and free parking as well. When you are not in your room then you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the garden. Manila Huts' traditional style will allow you to easily relax while experiencing the beautiful nature that surrounds the huts. With a gorgeous stream of water passing nearby the huts, your nature-filled stay will become all the more exciting. If Naran Kaghans breathtaking landscape and weather are not enough to convince you then we will do you one better. Travelustaad is offering amazing deals at different hotels so that you are just a click away from the perfect, comfy accommodation that you desire!

FAQs Murree Hotels

Yes, you will find a lot of hotels in Naran which are ideally located at main attraction sites in the town. Among these hotels such as Swiss Wood Cottage, Hotel One, Millennium Hotel , Pine Park Hotel, Rose Valley Hotel, Maisonette Hotels and Resorts, are some of the popular hotels.

If you are looking to stay in a lodge in Naran instead of a hotel then you can explore many options. Lodges such as Hotel De Manchi, 4 Queens Hotel, Hotel Centurion, STC Naran Motel, and more are some of the best choices.

Yes, Naran has no shortage of beautiful huts. Some of the popular huts in Naran where you can stay at include Manila Huts Naran, Heritage Huts, Grey Walls Mountain Huts and Cottages, PMA Huts Naran, and more.