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Cairns is a vibrant coastal city in Far North Queensland, Australia. It is best known for its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. With its tropical climate and laidback lifestyle, Cairns has emerged as a popular tourist destination. Especially for international travelers looking for an Australian adventure. Hence for Pakistanis living in proximity to Islamabad, a trip to Cairns can provide an exciting vacation option, but flight costs often become a limiting factor. But with, you can easily find cheap flights from Islamabad to Cairns. How let’s have a look:


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How to get cheap flights from Islamabad to Cairns


To get cheap flights from Islamabad to Cairns, there are a number of factors involved, as we have discussed for Islamabad to Ballina flights. These factors are vital to consider as they have a massive role in determining the overall cost and comfort of your travel. These include:


  • Route Details: 

The route of the flight means a lot. Direct flights from Islamabad to Cairns have to cover a distance of approximately 5,000 to 5,300 miles. And for such a long distance, there are no direct routes between the two cities. So you have to consider at least one stopover. This stopover adds a few extra hours to the journey, depending on the stopover location. For example, a flight from Islamabad to Cairns with a stopover in Dubai would take approximately 18 hours. Islamabad is 4 hours ahead of Cairns time wise, so when it is 12pm in Islamabad, it is 8am in Cairns. And the same goes for stopovers in Qatar. Hence, by means of booking through, you have the facility to check the stopover routes on your to Cairns.


  • Timing Flights:

The second vital factor in perspective of cheap flights from Islamabad to Cairns is about the timing of the flights. The best time for finding cheap airfare to Cairns from Islamabad is during the Australian winter months between June and August. This coincides with the peak tourism season in northern Australia. But booking well in advance through, preferably 4-6 weeks prior, can help lock in low fares before they start rising as the departure dates approach. In addition, being flexible with travel dates also opens up more options. As per our dataset, weekday departures are generally cheaper than weekend getaways.


Airlines available on the route

The role of the airlines is crucial in finding Islamabad to Cairns ticket prices. The leading airlines operating affordable flights between Islamabad and Cairns via include Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. Flying via Southeast Asia opens up options like Thai Airways and Srilankan Airlines. And for a more comprehensive overview, you can also read about the top-rated airlines on And for Islamabad to Cairns ticket Islamabad to Cairns ticket, let us see the commonly available airlines on the route:


  • Emirates: Emirates provides daily connections from Islamabad to Cairns with a stopover in Dubai. Highlights of flying  with Emirates through include comfortable wide body aircraft like the Boeing 777, regional cuisine options, and a huge selection of movies and other entertainment on the in-flight system. Two free checked bags up to 35 kg each are also permitted in economy class.


  • Etihad Airways: Next is Etihad Airways, which routes passengers from Islamabad through their Abu Dhabi hub before arriving in Cairns. Their new 787 Dreamliner planes provide an improved flying experience. Complimentary meals, beverages, and inflight entertainment are offered. A free carry-on bag up to 7 kg along with one free checked bag up to 35 kg is included.


  • Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways also flies out of Islamabad Airport and has a stop in Doha before getting to Cairns. Their onboard service includes complimentary dining and a 30 kg baggage allowance. Oryx One, Qatar’s in-flight entertainment system, provides up to 4,000 options to choose from during the long journey. And provides access to the award-winning Business class. 


  • Thai Airways: Likewise flying through Southeast Asia, Thai Airways offers connections via Bangkok using their modern fleet of aircrafts like the Airbus A350 and Boeing 777-300ER. Passengers get hot meals, snacks, beverages as well as movies, music, and games during the flight. Malaysia Airlines routes travelers through Kuala Lumpur, while Singapore Airlines connects through Singapore.


Hence, by means of booking through, you cannot only enjoy diversity in terms of airlines but also can get huge discounts for Islamabad to Cairns ticket price as well.


Islamabad to Cairns Visa:

For traveling from Pakistan to Australia, whether it is Cairns, Brisbane or any other city, you need to have a valid visa too. And here are a few requirements and processes involved so as to make your Islamabad to Cairns flights comfortable and hassle-free. These are:

  • ● Pakistani citizens require an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa to travel to Australia for tourism or business purposes. The ETA is an online visa that allows for multiple entries within 12 months.
  • ● To apply for an ETA, travelers need a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity. They must provide basic identification and contact details online.
  • ● The application fee for an ETA is currently AUD $20. Processing is generally quite fast, with approval coming within minutes in many cases.
  • ● Travelers are allowed to stay in Australia for up to 3 months per visit on an ETA visa. They cannot work, study or switch to another visa type during this time.
  • ● Australians and eligible visa holders do not require an ETA if traveling on a return ticket and staying less than 3 months. They can enter using an eGate or at a visa desk.
  • ● Travelers should have adequate travel medical insurance covering the entire proposed stay in Australia. They may need to show proof of this at immigration.
  • ● Visitors are not allowed to undertake any criminal activities. They must have sufficient funds for their stay and return/onward journey.
  • ● Pakistanis may need to show a return/onward ticket as evidence of intention to not overstay when entering Australia on an ETA.
  • ● Transit passengers with confirmed onward flights do not need an Australian visa if remaining airside for less than 8 hours.

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In conclusion, finding cheap flights from Islamabad to Cairns is certainly feasible with proper planning and research. Booking through provides valuable insights and options to lower travel costs. Moreover, we have also learned vital factors to consider, such as the timing of flights during the Australian winter season and searching 4-6 weeks in advance to secure the best fares. Being flexible with dates and departure days can also expand affordable options. And for more details, feel free to reach us at “0800 74462.”