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The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, is a beautiful place, having several parks, forests, including Margalla Hills and National Park. It is home to several landmarks, including Faisal Mosque. Islamabad also has a good transportation system for its citizens to travel within the city. Daily, thousands of people travel from one country to another by air from Islamabad. The air service in Islamabad is also providing a well-organized service to travel from Islamabad to Chicago.

Chicago is a famous and populous city in America. Chicago has renowned restaurants for dining. You might enjoy strolling along breathtaking waterfronts, listening to avant-garde music, taking in award-winning theatrical productions, spending hours in more than 300 parks, and exploring countless iconic structures created by some of the most renowned architects in the world. And all of this is available in this beautiful city, Chicago. People enjoy traveling to Chicago to experience this beauty.

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The total distance between Islamabad to Chicago is 11,000 kilometers and 7092 miles. It is not possible to cover this huge distance via road because the duration of the flight journey is about 20 hours. Flights from Islamabad to Chicago make for the ideal vacation. You can cross off some of the items on your wish list, explore the famous sites, and appease your appetite with tasty regional dishes. Consider traveling to Chicago if you desire a romantic trip or to engage yourself in the history and culture of the region.

Two of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world are Islamabad and Chicago. Comfortable travel is important if you want to conduct business there. There are numerous flights from Islamabad to Chicago that are run by trustworthy airlines. The flights are not just cheap and accessible, but they are also frequently offered. The most practical kind of transportation is air travel if you wish to travel from Islamabad to Chicago. It is quick, pleasant, and secure. allows you to reserve a flight from Islamabad to Chicago without any extra charges. It is the most effective and trustworthy online ticketing platform.

The cost of flight tickets from Islamabad to Chicago is another thing to be aware of. To find a cheap flight from Islamabad to Chicago, should be your first priority. Due to its affordable ticket pricing and significant savings on the most popular routes, is a favorite among both leisure and business travelers. You would not be able to get the lowest rates for flights from Islamabad to Chicago on every website. It is better to book tickets in advance to find the most affordable flights. The free option to search for other flights is now available on You can examine the costs of various flights to Chicago using You may examine all of the flights between Chicago and Islamabad without paying a middleman fee.

It is better to visit Chicago in the cheapest months which are said to be January. May, June and July are considered to be the high seasons if you want to travel to America. If you are flying from Islamabad to Chicago, then the cheapest prices for your return to Islamabad can be found on Wednesdays, while the most expensive ones can be found on Tuesdays.

Flight schedule For Islamabad to Chicago

There are numerous flights operating every day between Islamabad and Chicago because it is a busy route. On some days, there are around 25 flights per day between ISB and ORD. Booking urgent airline tickets from Islamabad to Chicago will cost you a little more.

You can find the flight schedule from Islamabad to Chicago on There are flights throughout the day. There are also flights available very early in the morning or late at night. The flight price that fits within your budget can be found when you check the timetable.

One of the greatest companies in Pakistan that run flights from Islamabad to Chicago are Pakistan International Airlines and AirBlue, which operates on alternate days. The nicest thing about these flights is that they are frequently offered all year round, giving you the flexibility to make bookings in advance or at the last minute.

Ticket Fares For Islamabad to Chicago flight

The Islamabad to Chicago flight ticket fares fluctuate and do not remain constant. The variation depends on the schedule and length of the travel, the number of stopovers, and the in-flight amenities. The airline you select will also affect prices. On, you may browse PIA flights departing from Islamabad and select one with a low ticket cost.

Along with PIA flights, also offers Serene Flights and AirBlue flights from Islamabad to Chicago. There are inexpensive ticket prices and scheduled SereneAir and AirBlue flights from Islamabad to Chicago during specific months. However, you can get tickets on Gulf Air, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, or Etihad Airways if you desire frequent flights.

From Benazir Bhutto International Airport (ISB), you will take a flight from Islamabad to Chicago. Between Chicago and Islamabad, there are huge bodies of water; thus, air travel is the only feasible option. A flight from Islamabad to Chicago will provide you with an unrivaled traveling experience. You can go to Chicago in around 20 hours if you take the quickest flight. From Islamabad to Chicago, you have the option of traveling in Economy Class, Business Class, or First Class. Tickets in the economy or business classes are preferred by most passengers. Depending on the class you select, the remaining departure time, and the airline company, the cost of your journey may change.

Flight Fare from Islamabad to Chicago

Islamabad to Chicago flight airfare depends on the day you book your flight and also on the stop-over that these airlines take to reach Chicago. There are several airlines that fly from Islamabad to Chicago on a daily basis and also offer cheap flights. Top of the list are Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad Airways. Emirates flights from Islamabad to Chicago will complete their trips in around 22 hours. Emirates flights will also have a layover during their journey from ISB to ORD. A Qatar Airways flight to ORD from ISB will take around 21 hours to complete its trip. Etihad Airways offers several flights within a day to ORD from ISB. An Etihad Airways flight might take around 24 & 26 hours to complete its trip.

We have listed below few famous places in Chicago that you will love to visit:

Famous place to visit in Chicago

If you are traveling from Islamabad to Chicago, then you would be delighted to visit the Lincoln Park neighborhood, which takes its name from Chicago's greatest park, is regarded by many as one of the best places to live in the city. This area is one of the most well-known for a reason; it is only one mile from downtown and situated directly on the lakefront. The rating makes sense when you consider Chicago's abundance of public space, gorgeous architecture, and renown for keeping its streets clean, as well as their close proximity to the dazzling shoreline of Lake Michigan. Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, Chicago style hot dogs, Chicago-style (deep dish) pizza, jazz music, and 1920s gangsters like Al Capone are just a few of the numerous things for which Chicago is renowned. Just like Islamabad, Chicago is also renowned for its architectural designs, such as the Sears Tower and its museums.