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The aerial distance between Islamabad and Hangzhou covers approximately 4,470 kilometers. Regrettably, there are no direct flight routes available for the journey from Islamabad to Hangzhou. The number of layovers, their respective locations, and the duration of layovers all hinge on your chosen airline and the specific aircraft used for the trip.

Layovers are an integral part of the Islamabad to Hangzhou flight itinerary. Upon arrival in Hangzhou, the airport provides a range of transportation options to access the city center or various destinations within Hangzhou, including taxis, car rentals, and ride-sharing services.

The cost of flight tickets for journeys from Islamabad to Hangzhou can vary based on the number of layovers integrated into your travel plan. Generally, flights with only one layover tend to come with a higher price tag when compared to those involving two or more stops. If you're inclined to save on expenses and have some flexibility in your travel schedule, you might want to contemplate selecting flights with extra layovers. Moreover, the ticket price can fluctuate depending on the specific travel days you opt for.

Typically, midweek flights, especially those scheduled for Tuesdays and Wednesdays, often provide more economically favorable options compared to weekend departures. This tendency aligns with the pattern of reduced flight fares during less busy travel seasons as opposed to peak periods, such as holidays and school breaks. For more comprehensive information, you can explore further details by visiting

Islamabad to Hangzhou Ticket Price 

Selecting the right ticket price is a pivotal decision in the process of planning your journey from Islamabad to Hangzhou. The cost of your flight ticket for the Islamabad to Hangzhou journey can exert a substantial influence on your overall travel budget.

Hence, it's crucial to have a firm understanding of the factors that impact ticket prices and to explore strategies for securing the most advantageous deal. These factors encompass your choice of airline, the timing of your booking, and whether your flight involves one or more layovers. However, you can uncover tickets at rates lower than the average by making use of the services offered by

When it comes to finding budget-friendly flight options from Islamabad to Hangzhou, it's important to note that direct flights are not available for this route. Instead, travelers can opt for non-direct flights with multiple layovers, although these may result in longer travel durations.

The prices of tickets for flights between Islamabad and Hangzhou can fluctuate based on ticket demand and availability. It is advisable to regularly check real-time information on when planning your trip to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date price details. Several reputable airlines operate on this route, including PIA, Emirates, and Air China, offering a variety of services and choices for travelers flying from Islamabad to Hangzhou.

By utilizing reliable platforms like and comparing different airlines, you can uncover affordable flight options that align with your budget and preferences. It is always a prudent practice to book your flights in advance and stay informed about any changes in prices or schedules. With proper planning and access to information, you can secure a cost-effective and convenient flight from Islamabad to Hangzhou for your journey.

Available Airlines From Islamabad to Hangzhou

Airlines like PIA, Emirates, and Air China operate flights on the Islamabad to Hangzhou route. Before purchasing a ticket for your trip from Islamabad to Hangzhou, it's wise to evaluate the amenities and services offered by these diverse carriers. Travelers can select a journey that best matches their preferences and needs from a broad selection of flight options available through various airlines on These choices empower travelers to make well-informed decisions by furnishing comprehensive information on flight schedules, distances, layovers, and the facilities provided during the journey.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

Pakistan International Airlines, the national carrier of Pakistan and it offers the cheapest flight from Islamabad to Hangzhou. However the journey would take around 11 hours and 10 minutes for you to reach Hangzhou from Islamabad. The flight will be incorporated with a stopover at Beijing International Airport.

Air China

This airline would take around 14 hours and 5 minutes to take you from Islamabad to Hangzhou. The flight will have two stops. One stop will be in Karachi and the other one will be at Beijing International Airport.


The journey would take around 35 hours and 15 minutes for you to reach Hangzhou from Islamabad. The flight will be incorporating three stops. First stop in Dubai, second stop in Hong Kong, and third stop in Bangkok.

Best places to visit in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, a city in Zhejiang Province, China, is known for its scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and historical sites. Here are some top places to visit in Hangzhou

  • West Lake (Xi Hu): West Lake is the heart of Hangzhou, renowned for its natural beauty. Take a boat ride on the lake, walk or bike along the scenic paths, and visit spots like Three Pools Mirroring the Moon.
  • Lingyin Temple: This ancient Buddhist temple is famous for its intricate carvings and serene atmosphere. Explore the temple grounds and surrounding lush forests.
  • Six Harmonies Pagoda (Liuhe Pagoda): Climb this pagoda to enjoy panoramic views of the Qiantang River and the city. It's a fantastic spot for photography.
  • Hefang Street (Qinghefang Ancient Street): Wander through this historic street filled with traditional shops, teahouses, and street food stalls. It's a great place to sample local snacks and buy souvenirs.
  • Tea Plantations: Hangzhou is known for its Longjing tea (Dragon Well tea). Visit tea plantations to learn about tea cultivation, harvest, and enjoy a traditional tea ceremony.


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