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Places to visit in Hat Yai

Hat Yai, a vibrant city in southern Thailand, offers a plethora of exciting attractions for visitors to explore. One of the must-visit places is the Hat Yai Municipal Park, which encompasses the famous Khao Kho Hong mountain with its iconic golden Buddha statue. The park provides a serene setting for leisurely walks, picnics, and panoramic views of Hat Yai city. Another highlight is the Hat Yai Ice Dome, a unique attraction where visitors can experience sub-zero temperatures and marvel at intricately carved ice sculptures, creating a magical winter wonderland in the heart of Thailand.


For those seeking cultural experiences, the Wat Hat Yai Nai temple is a significant site to explore. Home to a massive reclining Buddha, this temple offers a tranquil ambiance for reflection and spiritual contemplation. Additionally, the Kim Yong Market showcases the vibrant local culture, offering an array of street food, fresh produce, and unique finds. Whether you're interested in natural beauty, cultural exploration, or culinary adventures, Hat Yai has a diverse range of attractions to captivate every traveller's interest.