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Islamabad to Los Angeles

From Islamabad to Los Angeles, you can still fly at cheap rates. With the lush green Margalla Hills surrounding it, Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is one of the most picturesque cities in the entire nation. It is the most developed city in the nation and is divided into 4 km square sectors that are numbered and arranged in a way that makes it clear in which direction each sector is located. The Markaz, a market or shopping center located in the center of each sector, is present. Well-built, mainly straight, and at right angles to one another are the roadways.

Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States, and Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, also known as a significant hub of culture and commerce, drawing visitors, businesspeople, and investors from all over the world. To understand more about how to get from Islamabad to Los Angeles, keep reading below.

The distance between Islamabad and Los Angeles is approximately 12,384 kilometers. Flying is the only practical, sensible way to get from Islamabad to Los Angeles for anyone interested in doing so.

Islamabad to Los Angeles flight

Los Angeles attracts visitors from Islamabad because of its diverse culture, thriving entertainment sector, stunning scenery, beaches, and comfortable climate. Every day, over 30 flights from Islamabad arrive in Los Angeles. There are options for ticket costs, travel lengths, layovers, and other factors.

Islamabad to Los Angeles flight ticket price

You can avoid high ticket prices by booking your flight at least two to three weeks in advance. If you are booking an Islamabad to Los Angeles flight ticket with then you need not worry about the prices. is ready to support you through this procedure with its user-friendly website and extensive selection, which will enable you to book tickets more quickly. is here to demonstrate how purchasing an airline ticket online may be quick and affordable if you are trying to locate the best deal on a flight from Islamabad to Los Angeles. You will arrive in Los Angeles about 23 hours after leaving Islamabad, after a single 6-hour stop in Istanbul. provides you with the cheapest possible flights from Islamabad to Los Angeles without any service charges. March is the cheapest month to fly from Islamabad to Los Angeles.

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Islamabad to Los Angeles flight schedule

Using as your partner for online booking your flight ticket from Islamabad to Los Angeles, you will find the possibility of sorting and filtering all the available options according to your most important criteria. There are no airlines operating direct flights at this time between Islamabad and Los Angeles. Most routes include a stop or stops.

Top airlines that fly from Islamabad to Los Angeles

There are six airlines that currently operate the Islamabad to Los Angeles route. Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Saudia, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic are some of them.

Though there are certain cheaper flights run by airlines like Emirates, the typical travel time from Islamabad to Los Angeles is about 23 hours. There is always at least one layover.

The quickest and least expensive flight, which takes 23 hours and 10 minutes to complete, is provided by Turkish Airlines. An emirate offers two daily flights, with the shortest journey time of 22 hours and 30 minutes. For every flight, three 23-kilogram pieces of luggage are free.

Turkish Airlines is the most affordable airline for a flight from Islamabad to Los Angeles, which can be found on the website.

Why visit Los Angeles?

With 41.4 million visitors a year, Los Angeles is one of the most interesting cities in the US. Despite the traffic, it is still one of my favorite spots because there are so many great restaurants and things there. The Los Angeles community congregates on renowned Crenshaw Boulevard.

The festival features live music and food stands selling cotton candy, ice cream, hotdogs, sausages, fish, crabs, and chicken. The live gospel music, the steppers, and the excellent seafood were my favorites.

Travel Restrictions

All travelers age 17 and older must receive the COVID-19 immunization before traveling domestically or internationally from or to Pakistan. Passengers who must postpone the immunization due to medical reasons must provide documentation to be excluded from this requirement. Additionally excluded from these limitations are foreign nationals. Currently, travelers from countries in category C are prohibited from entering Pakistan.

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