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Muscat is the capital and most populated city of Oman as almost half of Oman's total population lives here. This city is the seat of the Omani Government.

The city is described as: "Oman is firing on all fronts to attract international visitors, expanding everything from its museums to its resorts. Muscat is the focus for the revamp, with cultural events, luxury accommodation, and aquatic activities taking center stage. It's all about Quorums trendy designer outlets, Old Town souks, and wacky water sports enlivening its coastline alongside traditional shows (kind of sailing boat). Muscat is still genuinely interested to see visitors, so much so that first-timers might have the odd feeling of returning to the house of an old friend. 'Tomorrow will be a new dawn in Muscat,' the Sultan pledged upon attaining power in 1970. Today in Muscat, the sun has well and truly risen

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The flight from Islamabad (ISB) to Muscat (MCT) takes almost 3 hours 16 minutes.

There are 3 direct flights from Islamabad to Muscat every week.

Two Airlines. Pakistan International Airlines and Oman Air Fly.