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Just like Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Its Arabic name is Al-Riyadh. The city's name is derived from the Arabic word rawdah which means gardens and meadows. Riyadh is situated in the central portions of the country and Arabian peninsula. A very few cities of the world have transformed as fastly as Riyadh which grew from a small fortified desert into a modern metropolis.

Being the country's capital Riyadh hosts various Government ministries and public services. Saudis account for more than 9-10th of the whole government employees which are dominated by foreign workers and in these foreigners majority belongs to Pakistan. one-third of the country's total factories are located in Riyadh which are producing machinery, construction materials, chemicals, food, textile, furniture and many other things.

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Traveling from Islamabad to Riyadh

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Airfare from Islamabad to Riyadh

Talking about the air distance between Islamabad and Riyadh we can say that the distance between these two capitals is 1679 miles and 2703 kilometers, and the estimated flight time is 3 hours 45 minutes. But if you choose to go by road then the distance is 2472 miles/ 3979 kilometers and the travel time will be about 53 hours and 4 minutes so going by road can be adventurous for some people but this would be risky, time taking, and tiresome. So save your time and travel with a

Airlines from Islamabad to Riyadh

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  • Qatar AirwaysQatar airways is considered to be the fourth best airway as it provides best services to the passengers and their staff is very gracious. They have a comfortable and luxurious interior not only for the 1st and business class but also for the economy cabin.
  • AirBlueAirBlue was started by the former prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Shahid khaqan Abbasi  in 2003 is now considered to be one of the best airlines in Pakistan because of its best services, affordable airfares and punctual timings. Also this airline is famous for distributing gifts among passengers on various occasions including its starting date which is 18th of June.
  • Etihad AirwaysEtihad Airways is well known for its flexible airfares and do not compromise on the comfort of passengers. In Etihad airways you can take upto 20kg luggage for free and 7kg as hand carry. More than 20kg excess baggage charges will apply. So book your tickets at and fly with class and cheap rates.

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Some Frequently Asked Queries

Yes, some business class airlines provide extra space for sleeping.

Yes of course, many hotels at low rates with best services are available in surrounding areas of Riyadh international Airport. You can search and book them on the internet and you can get our help for searching the best one at a budget friendly rate.

The distance between Jeddah and Riyadh is 953 km and by car approximately this distance would be covered in 10 hours and 20 minutes and by air this distance will be covered in around one hour and 34 minutes.

This city has a semi-arid climate, summers are extremely hot and dry and in winters the temperature ranges from 8°c to 20°c in interior parts.