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Canberra, the capital of commonwealth Australia, is marked as the livable city of the world. Famous for its iconic museums and art galleries, it is a place worth traveling to. Dozens of cheap flights from Karachi to Canberra are scheduled daily for the same purpose. It is located amidst Sydney and Melbourne and is a gateway for these two cities. With a population of less than a half million, it is situated at an elevation of 578 meters. Flying from Karachi to Canberra using gives us a unique option to explore this wonderful city and catch connecting flights to other cities. However, being a passenger, there are some things that we are always interested to know before we book our flight. Therefore, will provide all the relevant information you need for your trip. So let’s start;


Booking cheap flights from Karachi to Canberra through there are a few things that you should have in mind. Karachi is situated at an aerial distance of 6772 miles from Canberra, which means that it would take at least more than 18 hours on Karachi to Canberra flights.

So based on this information, the first thing we should know; it isn't easy to get a non-stop direct flight from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport to Canberra Airport. So what to expect, then? Maybe a one-stop flight or two-stop flight.

Secondly, we must have a prior booking to avoid any last-minute hustle to travel on such a route. How? Let us see this in detail.

Karachi to Canberra Flights:

As we have mentioned above, the flight from Karachi to Canberra is more than 18 hours long. However, in practice, if we see on, the flight timings are affected based on the airline used. For instance, let us take the example of Air Lanka. It would take two stops for Karachi to Canberra flights. For example, we have checked the schedule on On the same day, we have three different flight options for Air Lanka. The first option, the flight would take 1300 minutes to travel from Karachi to Canberra. It would make its first stop at Colombo Airport.

Then from there, it would fly to Sydney, Australia. And finally, from Sydney to Canberra. Thus, taking two stops before reaching Canberra.

Then in the second option, the route again would remain the same from Karachi to Canberra. But the time for rest after landing in Sydney would increase. Thus, in this case, you would reach Canberra after almost 1930 minutes after flying from Karachi.

And the same pattern would repeat for the third flight option as well. But the flight duration would be 1985 minutes because of the reason we have stated above.

But with, you have the option to choose whatever flight you want. Moreover, all these flights available on are refundable too.

Karachi to Canberra: Flight Schedule:

The spring season from September to November is ideal for enjoying Canberra's majestic beauty. However, you should consider certain things to have cheap flights from Karachi to Canberra. First, there are 3 to 4 different flights scheduled daily on They are arranged based on the times that sit well with our customers. Moreover, the detailed information provided with the flight option gives you a choice to make an appropriate decision for your flight.

In addition, through, you can also have a one-way ticket and a round trip. Of course, the round trip would be relatively cheaper as compared to one way. But for some months, it has been observed that the Karachi to Canberra ticket price has been affected as well. The obvious reasons, of course, are the hikes in fuel prices and the depletion of the exchange rates. Therefore, under such circumstances, we advise our customers to book their flights as early as possible. In addition, options like a refund policy don’t make a huge financial impact. But it means a lot if there is a shortage of seats or if someone wants to have a favorite spot on the plane. So try to avail this facility available with your travel partner;

Karachi to Canberra Flights: Available airlines:

One of the best advantages you can avail for yourself through is diversity. All the top-rated airlines flying from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific are easily accessible to you through can have all the choices in the basket, like advance booking and others, at So let us look at some of the available airlines:

  • Emirates: Being an award-winning airline, Emirates is one of the biggest commercial airlines operating in Pakistan. The professionalism of their staff and the high-quality services offered by Emirates are something to vouch for. With, you can be a part of a memorable journey. offers discounted flights from Karachi to Canberra on Emirates tickets.

  • Air Lanka: Air Lanka has a good share in flight operations from Karachi to Canberra. Being operational in 61 countries, Air Lanka is a source of comfortable traveling. With, one can easily book cheap flights from Karachi to Canberra at a discounted rate under the refundable policy.

  • Qantas Airway: Being connected with Emirates as a network, Qantas has one of the leading commercial air transport

  • Widely known for long-distance traveling, Qantas works as a partner with various other operating flights to carry passengers from Karachi to Canberra.

  • ● The schedule for booking and all the other relevant details can be accessed easily through

How is best for booking Karachi to Canberra Flights: is the perfect place for booking your Karachi to Canberra flights. With an easily accessible interface, gives the maximum freedom to customers to book their online flights. By means of options like choosing the airline, setting the price range, and the number of stops available, wants to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Moreover, this freedom is also translated into the means of payment as well. A large number of options are available on through which the transactions can be made. The inclusion of means like Easy paisa, online transfer, and others is meant to maximize the ease for our customers.

Furthermore, through an easy refund policy, we value our customers. With the deliverance of E-tickets via mail and 24/7 helpline, is a perfect place for booking Karachi to Canberra flights.

Karachi to Canberra Ticket Price:

As we have discussed, Karachi to Canberra ticket price depends on several factors. The first and foremost factor is the class we use for traveling. Economy and Business class tickets have a good difference in terms of price. Moreover, the of the flights and the season they are operating in are also vital.

In addition, the airlines significantly impact Karachi to Canberra ticket prices. With, we can easily compare the ticket price for various airlines as well. Furthermore, the number of stops taken for the flight is also significant, as also the gap between these. But with, all these technicalities can be sorted out quickly. Being in the field for more than 20 years, we know how to provide cheap flights from Karachi to Canberra to our customers.