Cheap Flights from Karachi to Damascus

Karachi is one of the largest cities in Pakistan and the twelfth largest city worldwide in terms of area whereas Damascus is the second-largest city in Syria. The commercial and transportation center of Pakistan is located in Karachi, the capital of the Sindh province. From one largest city, Karachi to another largest city, Damascus several cheap flights are available. The flight from Karachi to Damascus is almost 5 hours long. By visiting, you can always calculate the flight time by having a look at the typical distance traveled during a flight.

If you are struggling to look for cheap flights from Karachi to Damascus, which are easy to find, then worry no more, as you have landed at the right place. We at have sorted your travel experience, as we have conducted extensive research regarding the flight timings, flight schedules, and everything else that you are looking for. The flight distance between these two cities is 1941 miles (3284 km). It will take almost 5 hours to reach Karachi from Damascus. If you are flying from Karachi to Damascus, multiply your estimated trip time by 30 to allow for takeoff and landing time. This implies that a commercial airline flies at an average speed of 500 mph, or 805 km/h, or 434 knots. Depending on the wind and airport wait periods, your exact journey time may change.

Flight duration for Karachi to Damascus

The Karachi to Damascus flight duration is almost 5 hours. It must be noted that some flights travel directly from Karachi to Damascus, and you can always find them by visiting

Flight Schedule for Karachi to Damascus plays a big part in finding cheap flights from Karachi to Damascus. There are typically more than three scheduled flights every day between Karachi and Damascus. You have the option to reserve your flight as early as possible thanks to the wide choice of alternatives, including one-way tickets and round journeys. On, the duration of each airline's stops and their locations are both clearly displayed. Customers have more options to book their flights from Karachi to Damascus and choose their timings..

Travel distance between Karachi and Damascus:

To calculate the travel distance, it applies the great circle formula. The straight line distance ("as the crow flies") between Karachi, Pakistan, and Damascus, Syria, which is approximately 1,943 miles, is used to calculate the flight time. It takes about 22 kilometers, or 40 minutes, in a cab, to travel from the airport to the city center in Damascus. September is the cheapest month to travel from Karachi to Damascus. It is considered the cheapest month to travel to Damascus from Karachi, July is in the peak season, and Saturday is the cheapest day of the week.

In order to determine the most affordable days to fly, has sorted out data from all airlines for your ease. Depending on when you book your ticket from Karachi to Damascus, airlines change the cost. According to's research, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday normally have the lowest flight prices.

Popular airlines that travel from Karachi to Damascus

Popular airlines with cheap flights from Karachi to Damascus are Cham Wings Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Gulf Air, and Pakistan International Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates. The price of your flight from Karachi to Damascus may vary depending on the day and time you book your flight. Prices are typically higher on weekends and holidays than they are during the workweek. The airline that directly travels from Karachi to Damascus is PIA. The rest of the airlines take different routes.

How to find Cheap flights from Karachi to Damascus

Planning your travel dates too far in advance is the single most expensive planning error you can make. Instead, begin your search for flights and let the cost direct you to the most affordable dates. By simply adjusting your tentative travel dates just a little bit, you can frequently save a ton of money on tickets. Google Flights can notify you if changing your travel dates by one or two days can save you tons of money. It can all come down to timing when it comes to finding cheap flights from Karachi to Damascus. When feasible, try to fly on non-busy days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Always reserve your seat at least 30 to 45 days in advance for overseas travel. In the height of the summer and around Christmas and New Year's Eve, prices are frequently higher.

Karachi to Damascus ticket

To avoid any last-minute stress, it is advisable to purchase your tickets in advance. Flight tickets from Karachi to Damascus are best purchased between 14 and 160 days before a trip (2 weeks to nearly 5 months). All of the amenities you might need during your flight are provided on low-cost flights. Except for the extravagances that come with expensive airfares, there aren't many differences. Additionally, pre-purchasing allows clients more time to look for and keep track of the best deal, allowing them to save money on their vacation.

Book Karachi to Damascus flights

The only way to travel this far is by air. The safest, the simplest, most practical, and least expensive mode of contact between Karachi and Damascus is You can easily plan your trip and examine the vast number of flights that are offered on this route at Additionally, provides newsletter sign-up bonuses and discount alerts. It is important to look into the numerous Karachi to Damascus flight ticket pricesoffered on while arranging your trip.

Flight Fare for Karachi to Damascus

Karachi to Damascus flight fares vary and do not stay the same. The flight operators are one of several variables that determine ticket costs. It is advised that you purchase your tickets in advance because last-minute tickets are subject to surcharges. You can locate some of the most affordable flights on that route by looking up the Karachi to Damascus flight schedule at For this route, Pakistan International Airlines and a few other airlines provide extremely affordable flights.

The best deals on flights are typically found by booking between one and three months in advance. In comparison to direct flights, multi-stop flights often save passengers 20% to 60% more money. Use our flight comparison tool to compare one-way and round-trip flights. If you are looking for cheap flights from Karachi to Damascus, then check out the ones offered by All major cities along the routes are connected by excellent air service. There are several weekly flights between Karachi and Damascus. On, you may review theKarachi to Damascusschedule before making a seat reservation. There are foreign specials and cash-back options for several international airline itineraries.

Cheap flights from Karachi to Damascus
may be purchased commission-free at, which serves as a one-stop shop. Because, sometimes when they buy plane tickets, travelers give compensation to travel agencies. Various factors, including demand, weather, peak travel days, and ticket prices, might affect how much they cost. Make your reservations at least 2-3 weeks before travel for the best rates.

Climate of Damascus

In Damascus, the average daily temperature recorded is 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16.1 degrees Celsius) during winter and the city experiences 11 snowfall days per year. The weather in Damascus is almost the same as Karachi throughout the year, so the people who travel from Karachi to Damascus do not find any change in the weather.

Places to Visit In Damascus

Now that you know how to book cheap flights from Karachi to Damascus. Let's explore Damascus and find out some famous places before traveling from Karachi to Damascus

In the most famous places of Damascus, Umayyad Mosque is on top. The mosque is located in the old city of Damascus and is known as the "great mosque. You must not miss and surely travel from Karachi to Damascus to see this beautiful mosque. Second is Azem Palace; in the Old City of Damascus, Azem Palace is a significant and surprisingly complete example of late Ottoman architecture. It demonstrates Syria's distinct architectural style and excellent caliber of workmanship. The national museum of Syria is also a famous place to visit in Damascus, this museum is lovely, modern, and quite well done, and it contains many artifacts that illustrate the numerous civilizations that have existed in Syria throughout its history. And finally some restaurants and hotels that you must not miss. Several restaurants in Damascus are not only delicious but also have beautiful environments and seating. Damascus has beautiful hotels with all the amenities and luxuries tourists could want.