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Are you planning to travel to Multan? Then you can have a wonderful holiday from Karachi to Multan. The journey from Karachi to Multan offers a variety of exciting activities, beautiful sites, and delicious food. We make every effort to provide all options, from luxurious to low-cost travel tickets. Book your cheap flights from Karachi to Multan now with one of the best travel agencies,

Karachi to Multan

People around the world, especially Pakistanis, frequently travel from Karachi to Multan for a variety of reasons. Multan is famous for its mosques, shrines, and fruits. One of the most well-known cities in Asia is Karachi, which is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Mazar-e-Quaid, Quaid-e-Azam House Museum, Churna Island, Pakistan Maritime Museum, and Turtle Beach are all located in Karachi. There are many tourist sites in Multan, including Fort Kohna, CSD Park. Multan is known for its Sufi saint shrines that date back to the Middle Ages, as well as for its distinctive architecture, Sufi music, parks, historic structures, and customs. If you are planning to travel from Karachi to Multan, you will come across many other cities because Karachi is situated in Sindh and Multan is in Punjab.

Karachi to Multan flight

The total distance from Karachi to Multan is more than 900 kilometers. The distance is manageable to travel by road or train, but it will take a little longer. You can travel from Karachi to Multan by bus as well, but you must be prepared because the journey might take a whole day or maybe two. Travelers prefer to take a flight from Karachi to Multan in order to avoid the fatigue of a long journey. But people usually look for cheaper options to travel. We at are providing you with cheap flights from Karachi to Multan. The Flight time from Karachi to Multan is around one hour and 39 minutes. The earliest flight takes off from Karachi at 9:00 and lands in Multan at 10:25.

Flights from Karachi to Multan offered by feature inexpensive tickets and might help you travel faster. From Karachi's Jinnah International Airport (KHI), you can take a trip to Multan. Both Multan and Karachi have a reliable air transportation network. You can deal with to book flights from Karachi to Multan online.

Karachi to Multan flight schedule

Flight schedules are occasionally changed, and flights are occasionally canceled. It is important to stay updated on the Karachi to Multan flight schedule. You can see any canceled flights from Karachi to Multan when purchasing tickets on The flight schedule between Karachi and Multan is current and reliable. We have many airlines that travel from Karachi to Multan daily, so you can check any flight that is available on your desired date of travel. You can even book your flight in an emergency because there are several airlines. But last-minute bookings can cost you a little extra. If you ever change your mind, you can reschedule your flight with many airlines without paying a change fee. You only need to pay the difference between the old flight and the new one. There are usually eight flights per week that travel from Karachi to Multan.

You can buy a cheap flight from Karachi to Multan if you book in advance. guarantees to offer the best Karachi to Multan flight ticket rates in Pakistan. When you book a Karachi to Multan flight in advance, the starting flight ticket price depends on Flight Booking timing as If we pre-book our Flight, It costs us Cheaper; it also depends on Airlines as Airlines prices vary from one another.When booking on the same day, airline prices rise dramatically. Depending on when you book your ticket from Karachi to Multan, airlines change the cost. On an analysis of data from all airlines reveals that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the days with the lowest flight fares. The cheapest month to travel from Karachi to Multan is August because of the extremely warm weather in Multan.

Karachi to Multan ticket price

Once you have decided to travel from Karachi to Multan, you must be looking for the ticket price. There's no denying that everyone is looking for some cheap flights. You can now find cheap flights from Karachi to Multan online without paying an extra fee. Pakistani residents pay a huge commission to travel agencies and agents for arranging their flights. is a well-known e-ticketing platform that lets you book a Karachi to Multan flight without any commission. You don't have to step outside to book flight tickets when you can do it from your couch.

The ticket price from Karachi to Multan is extremely affordable. There are many reasons why the ticket price of a flight from Karachi to Multan changes. The cost of tickets in higher-level classes like business and premium economy will be higher. You can check the cost of a flight between Karachi and Multan on for free.

Karachi to Multan ticket price in Pakistan

Pakistanis travel a lot from one city to another. Business or studies is the most common.The Karachi to Multan ticket price in Pakistan is affordable for citizens to travel frequently, not occasionally. Mostly people travel on weekends or by the end of the month to meet their family. Traveling by road takes a lot of time. It is useless to waste your two days meeting your friends and family every month. You can find cheap flights from Karachi to Multan in Pakistan on the website of

Selecting a multi-stop airline ticket could result in much less expensive flights between specific places. Even though these connecting flights come with some inconveniences, multi-stop flights save passengers, on average, 20%–60% more than direct flights. Depending on the day and time you book your travel, airlines may change the cost of airline tickets from Karachi to Multan.

Karachi to Multan Top Airlines

The most popular airline that flies direct from Karachi to Multan is Pakistan International Airlines. A lot of people are served by Pakistan International Airlines, which also provides excellent service. Domestic cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and others are among its most well-traveled routes. On average, the airline runs more than 100 routes every day. At this time, AirBlue and SereneAir do not offer any flights connecting Karachi with Multan. makes it simple to check the availability of the Karachi-Multan route in the future.

Let's see why you should visit Multan:

Multan, a city of Punjab province, is a wealthy city of bazaars, mosques, and beautifully crafted tombs. Multan is known as the "City of Pirs and Shrines." The Multan International Airport serves as a hub for flights to significant Pakistani cities as well as places along the Persian Gulf. Multan welcomes people around the world wholeheartedly. Read below about some famous food, dressing, and culture to enjoy in Multan once you visit.

Famous food

Sohan Halwa is a traditional specialty of southern Punjab, particularly Multan. When people travel to Multan, they should definitely purchase Sohan Halwa and take that along.


Multan's traditional clothing consists of a khussa with a laccha or shalwar kameez. "Derra" is the most important component of Multani culture. It is a type of "Bhettak" where individuals come together after work to share their troubles or just chat.

Now you know almost everything about Multan. So, you must not miss this chance to take a flight from Karachi to Multan. You will get cheap tickets with