Cheap Peshawar to Abu Dhabi Flights | PEW to AUH

Abu Dhabi is a city in the Persian Gulf that perfectly combines modernity and history. Do you intend to travel from Peshawar to Abu Dhabi? You can get all the information and details about the Peshawar to Abu Dhabi route on, the best website for your online booking.

Peshawar to Abu Dhabi Flights

Peshawar cannot be reached by road from Abu Dhabi. Do you know that these two cities are more than 4,500 kilometers apart by road? It is impossible to imagine driving through multiple nations to reach Abu Dhabi. From Peshawar, there are no public water or road transportation options to Abu Dhabi. Taking a flight from Peshawar to Abu Dhabi is the only viable option. When you can get to Abu Dhabi quickly via flight, why struggle? In less than seven hours, the fastest flight from Peshawar to Abu Dhabi will reach its destination.

Most of the time, flights between Peshawar and the UAE's capital have a layover somewhere in between. The travel experience from Abu Dhabi will be unrivaled. When you can unwind on a flight to Abu Dhabi and avoid hurting your back, why risk it? Peshawar and Abu Dhabi are both developed cities that have their own airports for tourists. The airports AUH, ZVJ, and AZI are just a few in Abu Dhabi. Nevertheless, Pakistani flights typically land at AUH. From the Bacha International Airport, also known by its abbreviation PEW, one will board their flight to AUH. All the flight and airline details are available on You can access all the data for free there.

Peshawar to Abu Dhabi Flight Ticket Price

Are you concerned about the high cost of a flight from Peshawar to AUH? You might be looking for tickets to the wrong airline on the wrong website. Travel agents are also used by some to book AUH flights on their behalf. Brokers charge passengers a substantial commission to complete a straightforward task. On, you can save money on airfare in this day and age thanks to technology. does not charge any middlemen for booking AUH flights. makes it simple to compare the prices of AUH flights before making a reservation.

On, airfare from PEW to AUH costs lower than your expectations. However, if you book your AUH flights a few days before your trip, you can take advantage of this price. You can get to AUH from Peshawar for a very low price range with some low-cost airlines. Also, keep in mind that this price applies to economy-class tickets on a flight to AUH. Pre-booking AUH flights on can help you save money. To get to AUH, you will need to pay a little bit more if you want to travel in business class. You should be aware that prices for flights from Peshawar to Abu Dhabi may change. For the same reason, before purchasing an airfare to AUH, you should check the prices of available tickets on

Peshawar to Abu Dhabi Flight Schedule

There are currently a lot of flights between Peshawar and Abu Dhabi. However, not all days may offer flight services to AUH. If this is the case, you can plan your trip by looking at the AUH flight schedule for the upcoming days. On, Gulf Air currently offers the most flights to AUH from Peshawar. The AUH flight schedule can be viewed for free on When you check the AUH flight schedule, no one will ask for your login credentials. makes it simple to check today's flights from Peshawar to Abu Dhabi in case of an emergency. However, if you want to book urgent flights from Peshawar to AUH, you will have to pay a little bit more.

Flights from Peshawar to Abu Dhabi

The PEW to AUH route is served by a number of airlines. However, it's possible that not all airlines operate daily flights to AUH. You can always plan your trip by looking at the AUH flight schedule for the coming weeks. From Pakistan, numerous major international airlines provide transit services to AUH. The following are the best airlines to fly with from Peshawar to AUH:

  • ● Qatari flights to Abu Dhabi from Peshawar: On most days, Qatar Airways provides approximately three flights to AUH from PEW. From PEW, flights operated by Qatar Airways that include a single layover typically take 14 hours to reach Abu Dhabi.
  • Gulf Air Flights to Abu Dhabi from Peshawar: On half of the days of the week, Gulf Air offers approximately two flights to AUH from Peshawar. However, booking your Gulf Air tickets in advance to AUH can always result in better rates.
  • ● Peshawar to Abu Dhabi PIA Flights: One of the few airlines that offers Peshawar to AUH direct flights is PIA. From Peshawar, a flight from PIA with no stops will get you to AUH in 3 hours and 35 minutes.

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