Cheap Flights From Peshawar to Madinah | PEW to MED


Peshawar is Pakistan's sixth-most populous city and is close to the border with Afghanistan. It is the province's largest and capital, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There are now daily flights to numerous domestic and international cities from the newly developed international airport.

On the other hand, Muslims consider Madinah to be their second most sacred city. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, the city's Prophet's mosque, is also known as Madinah. Visitors can easily reach the city's airport. In the event that you are from Peshawar and are wanting to go by Peshawar to Madinah flights, this article will assist you with getting all the important data.

Book Peshawar to Madinah Flights

The Peshawar to Madinah flights generally have pioneers yet there would likewise be a lot of business explorers. So they are frequently packed. Due to the limited number of flights on this route, you will need to make your reservation in advance to guarantee your seats. These flights travel in an indirect manner, allowing for travel times of up to ten hours. makes it simple to determine which days have lower ticket prices.

Depending on the airline, Peshawar-to-Madinah flights arrive at Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (MED) in Madinah before departing from Peshawar International Airport (PEW). The majority of flights only make one stop, though some also make two. Dubai, Sharjah, Jeddah, and so on could serve as the stopover city. The general travel length relies upon the visit time in these urban areas. You can view all of these details at, which will assist you in selecting the best travel option.

Ticket Price For Peshawar to Madinah Flight

When making travel plans, the most important aspect is being able to travel within one's means. In this regard, international trips like Peshawar to Madinah necessitate meticulous planning. The Peshawar to Madinah flight ticket cost is normally higher however on certain days you can get the most minimal potential rates.

The price of a ticket for a flight from Peshawar to Madinah and all the ranges can be seen on You might be able to find very low rates if you are lucky. The airline and its routes influence the cost of a flight ticket. The cost is likewise affected by request, season, and different variables. You can find the most recent price range and book tickets weeks in advance at to get the best deal. You can rest assured that this is the best deal because there are no booking fees or other unexpected costs.

You can only get the best price on tickets for international flights if you book them early. If you don't look in the right places, it's hard to find cheap tickets on routes like Peshawar to Madinah. Not only can you find the cheapest tickets at, but you can also take advantage of additional benefits without incurring additional costs.

Peshawar to Madinah modest flights are accessible at lowest cost among all other platforms. For this price, you may need to select different dates at times. Here, all you want to do is to tap on the dates shown here to change the movement date without taking care of the subtleties over and over. A few weeks in advance, you will be able to see the price range on In addition, cheap flight tickets might not include the usual free baggage allowance or complimentary meals on board.

Flight Schedule For Peshawar to Madinah

You can find the best flight for your needs by looking at the schedule of the flights only on, the best online booking platform. As per the Peshawar to Madinah flight plan, there will be everyday flights, worked by various aircrafts on every day of the week. Strangely, there are no daily flights offered by any of the airlines that operate on this route. Saudia, PIA, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and others are some of the airlines that fly this route.

Every one of these carriers will possess a particular takeoff energy for their flights. Connecting flights are planned for one stop from Peshawar to Dubai and then to Madinah. These flights will each travel for a different amount of time. Madinah can be reached in 5 hours by the fastest flight. You can check every flight on at any time.


Airlines For Peshawar to Madinah

While there are more than four airlines that offer flights from Peshawar to Madinah, three of them are well-liked for their comfort and low prices on tickets.

  • ● Due to their low ticket prices, PIA flights between Peshawar and Madinah are the most popular. They offer the most minimal ticket cost. One or two flights are made almost every day.
  • ● There are two to four daily Saudia flights between Peshawar and Madinah. They operate daily except on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Emirates operates flights from Peshawar to Madinah. Emirates works daily except Sundays and Mondays. These flights stop at Dubai and afterward associate with Madinah either on Emirates or with different carriers. Their maximum baggage allowance, 40 kilograms, is the highest of any airline.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers no longer face entry restrictions to Saudi Arabia. All they need is the legitimate documentation, for example, an identification, visa, travel protection, substantial tickets and so on. Before departing, passengers are no longer required to complete any forms or take a PCR test. So what are you waiting for? Check out now, and book your tickets right away for the best experience till now.