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Peshawar is one of Pakistan's biggest cities and is close to Afghanistan's border. Peshawar is not only Pakistan's oldest city, but it is also one of Asia's oldest cities. From Peshawar, many people feel the need to travel to Sharjah. It is one of the UAE's most populous cities and the capital of the Sharjah emirate. Sharjah is a tourist, culture, and history hub in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, Sharjah has a significant impact on the UAE's GDP. Statistics indicate that Sharjah alone contributes approximately 7.4% of the UAE's GDP. People from Peshawar travel to Sharjah for a variety of reasons, including tourism, employment, healthcare, and so on. Sharjah's distinctive and picturesque tourist attractions are well-known. The Sharjah Science Museum, Sharjah Archaeology Museum, Khor Fakkan, Sharjah Classic Car Museum, and Rain Room are a few of Sharjah's most well-known tourist attractions that draw visitors from all over the world. Let's talk about the transportation options from Peshawar to Sharjah.

Peshawar to Sharjah Flights

Sharjah and Peshawar are more than 4,500 kilometers apart by road. From Peshawar, it is impossible to travel such a long distance by road. On the road between Peshawar and Sharjah, there are no public transportation options. In addition, multiple international border controls must be passed between Peshawar and Sharjah. Taking a flight from Peshawar to Sharjah for a comfortable journey is the best option. You can travel to Sharjah in about 3.5 hours on a nonstop flight from Peshawar. When flights from Peshawar to Sharjah can get you there quickly, why waste time?

The Bacha Khan International Airport (PEW) is the starting point for all flights on the Peshawar to Sharjah route. Your flight will land at Sharjah International Airport (SHJ) on this route. For passengers, both international airports have a number of social facilities. Flights are available frequently on the popular international route Peshawar-Sharjah. By using flight services to get between Peshawar and Sharjah, you won't have to deal with traffic or bumps in the road. You can check all the flight details on the best online website known as


Peshawar to Sharjah Flight Ticket Price

To plan your trip to Sharjah, you don't need to talk to a travel agent. For booking your Sharjah flight on your behalf, a broker may charge middleman fees. Instead, you can make your own reservations for Sharjah flights with When you book Sharjah air tickets this way, you won't have to pay any hidden or middleman fees. You can compare the prices of various airlines before booking Sharjah air tickets online. It will assist you in booking low-cost flights from Peshawar to Sharjah. On the online interface of, one can find out the price of an airfare from Peshawar to Sharjah without providing login information.

A flight from Peshawar to Sharjah typically costs very low on average. For flights to Sharjah in Economy Class, the starting price is as low as you expect it to be. You will be required to pay more for airfare to Sharjah in business class. The cost of a flight ticket from Peshawar to Sharjah will be affected by numerous other factors. The online price of a Peshawar to Sharjah flight can also be affected by the availability of seats and the booking date. provides users with a display of the most recent flight fare.

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Make it a habit to pre-book flights to Sharjah with for low prices. Tickets for an emergency flight to Sharjah may cost you more. The cost of a ticket typically goes up when there is less time before the SHJ flight departs. For better online rates, SHJ air tickets should be booked at least three to four weeks in advance. Additionally, offers discounted fares on a selected number of airlines.



Peshawar to Sharjah Flight Schedule

A lot of people fly to Sharjah from Peshawar. Numerous airlines offer service on this route, which originates from Pakistan and is a well-known international route. Throughout the day, Peshawar is served by flights to Sharjah. Passengers can travel from PEW to SHJ at any time thanks to the airline's adaptable schedule. The flight schedule from Peshawar to Sharjah can change for a variety of reasons. Changes in the weather, for instance, can alter Sharjah flights' departure times. provides free access to real-time PEW – SHJ flight tickets.

In order to display the SHJ flight schedule, does not require login credentials. The current and upcoming flight schedules for PEW and SHJ can be viewed by following a few easy steps. Additionally, online flight schedule is current and accurate. Today's flight from Peshawar to Sharjah can also be viewed online. However, when booking an urgent flight ticket to Sharjah, users will pay more than usual.

Flights from Peshawar to Sharjah

The following are some well-known airlines that provide service on the PEW–SHJ route:


  • Flights by Airblue from Peshawar to Sharjah: It will take 3 hours and 25 minutes to complete a nonstop Airblue flight. A seat on an Airblue flight from PEW to SHJ typically costs lower than the most.
  • Flights by PIA between Peshawar and Sharjah: The journey from Peshawar to Sharjah on a PIA flight with no stops will take approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Flights from Peshawar to Sharjah in Qatar: Peshawar-Sharjah flights are plentiful with Qatar Airways. From Peshawar, a Qatar Airways flight takes an average of seven hours to reach Sharjah. Qatar flights from Peshawar to Sharjah typically cost more than the above -mentioned

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