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Book Cheapest PIA Flight from Karachi to Lahore

Are you traveling from Karachi to Lahore to visit your family and spend a few days with your loved ones? Or perhaps, you're a business traveler looking for the cheapest PIA flight Karachi to Lahore ticket price? Either way, you've come to the right place!

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Pakistan International Airlines PIA is an excellent choice for travelers seeking cheap flights without giving up on comfort and convenience. The Karachi to Lahore PIA flight is one of the most popular and commonly traveled air routes, and travelers are advised to start planning days ahead of their journey.

Read our detailed guide to find the most affordable Karachi to Lahore flights PIA ticket price.

Karachi to Lahore Flights PIA

Karachi and Lahore are the most popular and commonly visited local cities among Pakistani and international travelers. These destinations attract business and leisure travelers, and PIA is the most prevalent choice, especially for passengers traveling without a passport.

Travelers can explore multiple transport mediums, such as planning a Karachi to Lahore road trip by car, taking a bus, or traveling by train. Unfortunately, all of these travel mediums take a lengthy amount of time to reach your destination, and the journey can be exhausting.

Traveling by car or bus can be quite uncomfortable and exhausting as you'll be cramped for such a long period of time. The distance from Karachi to Lahore is almost 1192 kilometers which can take about 15 hours to arrive at your destination. Whereas traveling by air only takes about two hours or less, covering an aerial distance of more than 1020 kilometers from Karachi to Lahore.

Today, we have the option of many airlines, but for an affordable and comfortable journey, PIA always proves to be the right choice. The PIA Karachi to Lahore flight only takes about an hour and 40 minutes to reach Lahore's Allama Iqbal International Airport from Karachi's Jinnah International Airport.

Pakistan International Airlines typically offer about three to four flights a day, but these numbers can be tentative as there are days when the number of flights available decreases due to weather conditions.

In-Flight Amenities

The largest airline in Pakistan and the national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines PIA, operates a fleet of 30 aircraft, 18 of which are used for domestic operations. The airline offers a wide range of in-flight amenities, which greatly enhances the comfort and enjoyment of the trip.

By overseeing all special meals and requests for the passenger's dietary and religious needs, PIA catering supervises the flight meals between Karachi and Islamabad. For the airline's catering services, PIA and McDonald's also signed an MOU in April 2019.

Additionally, PIA was the first international airline to install an entertainment system and arrange for a movie to be shown on board. It also offers the in-flight magazine Humsafar. Additionally, for the convenience of their many domestic passengers, they offer reliable internet connectivity.

The in-flight amenities and entertainment facilities are usually upgraded for business and first-class passengers. In contrast, economy-class amenities are designed to offer comfort and convenience with quality meals in an affordable package.

Karachi to Lahore PIA Ticket Price

It is important to note that airfare and flight ticket prices are subject to a number of factors that lead to an increase and decrease in ticket prices. These factors include peak season, holiday seasons, flight timings, flight type, competition among domestic and international airlines, global oil and fuel prices, inflation, and economic trends.

It is common for airlines worldwide to maximize profits by increasing their ticket prices in light of global and international events, such as oil pricing fluctuations and the ongoing Russian-Ukraine conflict. However, airlines also introduce seasonal discounts and special offers to please their consumers, and PIA is no different in this regard.

At, we're here to help you find the cheapest Karachi to Lahore PIA ticket price through our detailed schedule of flights and airfare rates. We regularly track flights and ticket prices to help our readers find the most reliable and factual information. We keep track of ongoing price fluctuations and air travel trends to ensure your itinerary and travel plans are streamlined efficiently. helps modern travelers find the cheapest flights and plan their trips in advance. We understand the challenges of finding affordable flights, particularly when you're planning an urgent, last-minute trip. But rest assured, we'll help you satisfy your concerns with reliable information.

Karachi to Lahore PIA Flight Schedule

If you're traveling on a time-sensitive schedule, particularly when traveling for business purposes, you need to follow a certain schedule that fits your timelines. It is important to invest time and energy into research and use to find the right schedule that aligns with your needs.

PIA accommodates its passengers by providing them with multiple flights scheduled at various timings so every individual can book according to their own suited preferences.

They offer economy, executive economy, and business class seats with the option of seat upgradation with extra legroom space for a relaxing flight.

It takes approximately less than 2 hours to travel from Karachi to Lahore via a PIA flight, making it extremely fitting for everyone. The PIA flights to Lahore typically depart Karachi Jinnah International Airport in the morning.

It should be noted that these are merely approximate times for PIA flights from Karachi to Lahore and are subject to change. PIA operates daily flights from KHI to Lahore, making the journey easy for thousands of travelers.

Final Thoughts

Finding the cheapest Karachi to Lahore flights PIA ticket price can be tricky, especially if you need to reach Lahore immediately and don't have much time to find an affordable rate. In times like these, Travel is your most reliable guide.

We understand that while most travelers take time to plan their journeys and search the internet for discounts and competitive airfare rates, some journeys are urgent and time-sensitive. With Travel Ustaad as your guide, you don't have to worry about overspending on airfare when you can find a PIA flight Karachi to Lahore ticket price at the cheapest rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is the average ticket price for a PIA flight from Karachi to Lahore?

    The exact ticket price for a PIA flight Karachi to Lahore varies, depending on economic trends, competitive airfare rates, and ongoing oil price fluctuations. The ticket prices are regularly updated, and will help you find the cheapest rates. It is wise to check the rates when you're planning to make a booking, as prices are updated routinely.

    2. How long is the PIA flight from Karachi to Lahore?

    The duration of the PIA flight from Karachi to Lahore is 1 hour and 40 minutes, covering an aerial distance of 1020 kilometers by providing a smooth and easy trip in comparison to a car or train journey that can leave you fully exhausted due to the 15-hour long journey, which may also not be feasible for anyone traveling for emergency purposes.

    3. Does PIA provide in-flight meals in the Karachi to Lahore ticket price?

    Pakistan International Airlines has its own catering service, which provides meals from Karachi to Lahore or on any domestic flight. It is very convenient as they are accommodating to any special requests due to medicinal and religious reasons.

    4. What are the local flights from Karachi to Lahore?

    Travelers can explore Karachi to Lahore flights from multiple airlines, including PIA, SereneAir, AirBlue, and Air Sial. Passengers looking for the cheapest and most competitive airfare rates will find PIA best suited to their needs. The national flag carrier is considerably cheaper and more convenient than most airlines. PIA also operates the highest number of daily flights from Karachi to Lahore, giving passengers multiple scheduling options.

    5. How much weight can you take on a PIA flight?

    The amount of weight that can be carried on a PIA flight is only 1 piece of hand carry weighing 7kgs. Passengers are not allowed to carry any liquids, perfumes, creams, and gel-based products in their hand carry; otherwise, security will confiscate these items. Suppose you are traveling in business or executive economy class. In that case, you can exceed the above limit by 5 kilograms, which is 12 kgs.

    6. Is PIA a good airline?

    Pakistan International Airlines is considered to be a good airline as it provides a comfortable and convenient experience for those who are taking domestic or international flights. Their services and in-flight amenities, such as good meals, magazines, and internet for entertainment purposes, ensure passengers enjoy their journey.