Cheap PIA Flights from Islamabad to Karachi

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the national airline of Pakistan. It not only operates domestically, but also offers many international operations. It has a fleet of 29 planes. The aircraft operates almost 100 flights day to day, overhauling 18 domestic destinations and 25 global destinations across Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. Domestic flights that PIA offers to many cities which include Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Karachi. The route of Islamabad to Karachi is considered one of the busiest routes., also deals with the flights of PIA and at very reasonable prices.

Route Overview from Islamabad to Karachi

Flights on the Islamabad to Karachi course cover a flying distance of 1,141.77 Kilometers. This is a domestic flight course that is exceptionally famous among local people as well as travelers. flights on this course leave from Islamabad Worldwide Air terminal (ISB) and show up at Jinnah Global Air terminal (KHI). PIA offers three or four flights on this route over the course of the day. You can pick flights from Islamabad to Karachi easily on any day, as day to day flights are accessible on PIA flights from Islamabad to Karachi for the most part require an hour and 55 minutes to travel from ISB to KHI. These are all direct flights, however their flights with visits may likewise be accessible on specific days. You can check it all with prices on, as is offering lowest rates in the market.

PIA schedule of Islamabad to Karachi

There are normally four PIA flights accessible consistently from Islamabad to Karachi. These flights are accessible in the first part of the day, in the early evening, and afterward at night. In the event that you wish to go in the first part of the day, you can book a PIA flight that leaves Islamabad International Airport at 10 AM and arrives at Jinnah International Airport at 11:55 AM. You can likewise decide on the midday flight that withdraws at 4:00 PM and shows up at 5:55 PM. At night, there are two PIA flights on this course. The primary PIA flight leaves at 7:00 PM and shows up at 8:55 PM. The following night flight leaves later, at 7:30 PM and arrives at Karachi at 11:45 PM as it has one stop on the way. All PIA flights are accessible at helpful flights and you can pick any of them depending on when you need to arrive at Islamabad and how lengthy you wish to spend in Karachi.

To know the refreshed schedule of PIA flights on this course, you can really look at the site. The site will show you every one of the flights accessible and you can pick the most advantageous one. Since there are day to day PIA flights accessible on the ISB to KHI course, you can undoubtedly book one. You can likewise check the PIA flight plan a few months before travel and pre-book a flight. The flight plan on will likewise show the length of each flight. You can get all PIA flight insights about, including the duration of stops, if any.

Islamabad to Karachi Ticket Price

PIA ticket costs are really reasonable. The aircraft is known to offer agreeable and helpful assistance at low rates. On the off chance that you book the flight a few days earlier or on the day of departure, then, at that point, the expense might increase. Therefore, it is ideal to pre-book a departure from You can get the best rates from and since the site keeps no commission, you won't need to pay additional charges. The ticket cost of a PIA departure from Islamabad to Karachi will include all facilities and you will have an incredible journey, at a sensible rate.

Islamabad to Karachi: Types of Tickets

From the route of Islamabad to Karachi, PIA offers economy class. These tickets offer extraordinary services of cabin and different facilities. You can check the different ticket types on and pick the best one presented by PIA flights. So investigate the PIA flights accessible from Islamabad to Karachi, and book a seat now!